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NSW 2621
P: 0403 333 814
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Feet, Tips and Glides is a supplier of chair tips, table feet and glides. A cost effective solution to the hardware stores and other online suppliers for your chair and table feet, quality customer service and direct delivery to your door.

Feet, Tips and Glides now offers and full furniture installation service as well as repairs and maintenance for Canberra and the surrounding area. Please contact us for a quote.

Feet, Tips and Glides is an established Australian owned and operated business, I supply replacement chair tips and table feet.

It is important for business owners to realise that maintaining your furniture will improve it's life expectancy and will also make the dining experience for your customers more enjoyable. Lets be honest there is nothing worse than when we go out for dinner or coffee and the table wobbles or the chair doesn't sit flat.

Looking for pricing, chair tips start at 50 cents each and table feet at $1.50 each. Bulk orders receive discounts. Min order $20 plus postage.